Mademoiselle Karen is an explosion of languages, music and performance in a delicate, playful and surprising form. As a musical reflection on the global perspective, Mademoiselle Karen combines languages and music with lyrics full of humor, depth and heart. In front and behind Mademoiselle Karen is the Danish saxophonist, vocalist and composer Karen Duelund Guastavino and together with friends and creative minds the colorful project has been formed and is constantly in a changing process.

Mademoiselle Karen has released the two albums 'Attention' and 'Comme Les Garcons' and the single 'Je Suis Rentrée à la Maison'.

Mademoiselle Karen has performed on small and big stages, festivals and in media in Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Germany.

On stage Mademoiselle Karen is full of energy, enthusiasm and commitment and the concerts are intense and unforgettable experiences.

RADIO/TV : Mademoiselle Karen was a soloist in the concert 'The Babylon Hotel' at DR Koncerthuset May 27th 2023



INTERVIEW- Radio Jazz Copenhagen - September 2021